money vanished? unusable account? [visa gift card]


alright so basically, this all started with me wanting to donate to a patreon.

this patreon required a paypal or credit / debit card.

so what I did was,

I bought a 50 dollar black visa gift card.

I registered the card on the website it gave me.

I attempted to link the card several times, it kept telling me the address listed was wrong.

(which was mine)

I was frustrated.

I called customer service, it was a bot.

anyways long story short I figured out how to link my address to the card.

I did,

I retry on paypal.

link was finally successful but then I had to get a code from a statement or something, quite odd.

I was charged two dollars basically and it said i'd have to wait three to five business days to receive it I believe.

I checked my balance on the website, turns out it charged me right away.

I put in the code and it was then verified and was all good.

(linked, verified.)

I tried to donate on patreon except this time I did not use the debit card option.

I used paypal.

it doesn't go through.

I try over and over, doesn't work.

I check my paypal settings and so on.

turns out I should verify my phone and email.

maybe that would work.

so I do.

I repeat the purchase process, doesn't go through.

everything is verified, there is no reason why it shouldn't go through.

so I get the idea to create a money pool and have a friend donate some money so I can have some cash on my balance instead of depending on a card to get it through.

he donates.

I collect the balance.

It needs me to go through a verification process by putting my name, address and date of birth.

at the bottom it says 'not now.'

I click it.

now it says in my summary that someone donated, I collected it but it went from balance into (money pool name).

which makes no sense it should be in my wallet.

but the thing is I don't have one,

it doesn't even say 0.00 like it should.

it just has my linked card and the option to link more.



now i'm scouring for a way to continue verifying my details to make cash balance possible.

but its no where to be found, I'm totally helpless.


basically I have no way of paying this patreon.

I don't understand.. 

did I really just burn 60 dollars? and its sitting right infront of me unable to be spent.

please someone help... please


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