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integration problem paypal django

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Hello Everyone,

I've tested with the sandbox all this while. Testing ok, Staging ok, then I decided to migrate to AWS for Production, and suddenly I got the screen I hate so much from paypal "We're sorry, things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later." this is completely useless.

I am sending the same paypal_dict except for the https of the url:

{'cmd': '_xclick-subscriptions', 'business': 'xxxxxxxx', 'a3': Decimal('12.50'), 'amount': Decimal('12.50'), 'custom': 8, 'invoice': 3, 'p3': 1, 't3': 'M', 'src': '1', 'sra': '1', 'srt': '36', 'item_name': ' for 1 Users', 'no_note': '1', 'currency_code': 'USD', 'notify_url': '', 'return_url': '', 'cancel_return': ''}

How can I debug it?  is there any log anywhere that could help me?


Thanks a lot in Advance!

Cheers, Gerald

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