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integrate paypal for no paypal users: where to start ?

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My client asks me to integrate paypal for no paypal users which means:

- they directly insert their card data (no messages such as : "you don't have a paypal account yet, so create it now"

- as few references to paypal (no paypal logo, no paypal headers)


I have integrate  paypal many times, but the integration invites users to use paypal, shows paypal logo, paypal url etc.




integrate paypal for no paypal users: where to start ?

PayPal Employee

Hi @yarekc,


Thank you for contacting PayPal community.


Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.


To receive guest checkout payments:

  1. Enable the PayPal Account Optional option in your account settings. 

    Login to > click on "Settings" icon > Account settings > Website payments >> Website preferences >> toggle option "PayPal account optional"

  2. Select On.

If you(i.e merchant) have implemented PayPal Express checkout integration, you can try ( on your website.

I request to please contact your website developer (or) third-party shopping cart provider to pass the variables "SOLUTIONTYPE=Sole" and "LANDINGPAGE=BILLING" in the SetExpressCheckout API call to make sure guest checkout is offered as often as possible. 

Unfortunately, Guest payment checkout(i.e payment via credit/debit) is not applicable for every user. It's important to remember that guest checkout is not guaranteed for every transaction. PayPal runs a risk check to determine eligibility for guest checkout. There will be times when guest checkout is not available.

This is intended behavior of the product. Customer/buyer need to create PayPal account to process the payment.


You can also customize PayPal buttons.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.




PayPal, Inc.


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