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how to customize paypal payment form


how to customize paypal payment form

hello sir ,
i want to integrate paypal in my website but when clients pay through pay pal form there are more data in form as country and name and mobile 
i need for client visa number and 3 digits and expiry date only how to do that ?

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Re: how to customize paypal payment form



You don't need to collect that information because PayPal would already have it if the client has a PayPal account. And, if you upgraded to a business account, you can accept credit card payments without requiring a PayPal account from your clients so they can just pay with a card without having to give you the information; you wouldn't be allowed to collect credit card info anyway (unless you are using PayPal's Virtual Terminal, which you're probably not) for security reasons and PayPal would have that information if the clients already have PayPal accounts and they linked their bank account or cards to their PayPal account or paid with a credit or debit card on their end privately.


I don't know how you are integrating PayPal to your website but you can add PayPal buttons or send PayPal invoices or send money requests just through your account and the client can just pay with their PayPal account or with their card. Again,  you don't need a form to collect this information. PayPal takes care of that already.


Check this page to see how you can use PayPal to accept payments:

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Re: how to customize paypal payment form

you mean that if i upgrade my account , when clients click on pay with credit they enter credit card number and 3 digits and expiry date only ?