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accept credit card payment without paypal account

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Hello guys,

I want to accept credit card payment from customer without paypal account, ie they would need to enter their credit card information manually: credit card number, expiration date, cvv number etc. I have no web building knowledge and the paypal sdk website is not very helpful. Please assist me with this matter. I think I have to build a website with payment intergration but i dont know how. I just need a simple payment method. Please advise. Thank you very much.


accept credit card payment without paypal account

New Community Member

Paypal traditionally had a snippet of code that would allow you to put a payment button on a web page and upon pressing it - would allow a person to "check out" using PAYPAL or a Credit Card.

Recently this function was broken and now only offers PAYPAL (No credit card checkout UNLESS a person is logged into PayPal at that browser).

Yeah - other than about a million reasons why this is a massive pain in the **bleep**, - it's also a security nightmare waiting to happen.

But seriously, would any COMPETENT company create such a **bleep** up?

This is simply another **bleep**-up in a long line of needless **bleep**-ups at PayPal. 

After +20 years of membership - I'm looking elsewhere. 


accept credit card payment without paypal account

PayPal Employee

Hi @ndl318 


Great question! I'd be happy to take a stab at this.


You can go to and select a button like the "Buy Now" button to begin creating it. Here you set the values of the button and once you're done, you're given either a link or a code snippet for you to place on your website. Once you have this code snippet, if you have access to the HTML of your site, you can paste it in the location you'd like it to be rendered.


I hope that helps!


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