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Will PayPal subscription changes - 01/31/23 impact integrated Nationbuilder subscriptions?

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We use Nationbuilder as our CRM with Paypal for finance integration. Our clients can create a subscription plan through our Nationbuilder website. Payments are funneled through Paypal - and tracked in Nationbuilder. When checking our active subscriptions we saw a notice that Paypal was stopping current subscription plans as of January 31, 2023 and Paypal users must recreate subscription plans. I've asked our Nationbuilder representative whether we needed to do anything on the Paypal side to keep subscriptions working. She claims Nationbuilder knows nothing of the Paypal changes regarding subscriptions.


My question: If we are using integrated Nationbuilder subscriptions do we need to RECREATE subscription plans in Paypal in order to keep existing subscriptions intact - and process new subscription payment plans? 


We'd appreciate any guidance or help.

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