Why isn't my Debit/Credit Card button appearing on Cart or Product pages?


Hi, I don't really understand what I am doing wrong here- I am trying to set up PayPal with Woocommerce, and I want to be able to accept credit and debit cards in addition to Paypal. So I have everything hooked up, and I put that I want to accept credit cards and debit cards- and the credit/debit button appears on the checkout screen, however it does not appear on the product page or the cart page. Why is this?


button doesn't appear on these:




button does appear on this:


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PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

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Third party platforms WooCommerce develops their own plugins/modules. 


Please contact the support of your third party platform(WooCommerce) who can able to help you regarding plugins/modules setup.


PayPal system is a payment gateway, which will receive the payment request payload (i.e Payment and Item details, Shipping details, Invoice number, Amount details etc.) from merchant websites(built via third party platforms WooCommerce) and process the payments accordingly.

Merchants should handle their internal website code and pass the appropriate payment API calls to PayPal system.




PayPal/Braintree MTS


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