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Why are the return to site url's consistently not working?

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I spent almost two weeks with this issue concerning the buy now buttons on the site - with no real help for tech support as all they kept saying was that my urls were incorrect.



Now, I am attempting to recreate a donate button on my site as several clients say my button on the site is not working (mind you - I'm even using the QR code)....

I have three donate buttons in my dash, all made within a week and I cannot:

1. delete out the unused buttons

2. create a thank you redirect link

3. figure out what I'm supposed to do if nothing works and I cannot get any REAL assistance from Merchant Technical Support.


I cannot keep doing business like this with PayPal. Something is obviously wrong/incorrect yet, no one can give answers. I have been using PayPal since 2004 and it has consistently *ALWAYS* performed flawlessly. Now, it's a crap shoot if I can get anything to work save for giving over fees to them -if and when my buttons work properly.


This is bad form.

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