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Website Subscription Service - Multiple tiers and need instant feedback on purchase

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Hi, my business model is this:

I have a website coded in Godaddy/PHP. I currently use PHP, HTML, and a little Javascript to do most everything.

The website is functional software and I want to use a medal level (bronze,silver, gold) to limit user functionality.

The different Medal levels have different prices and I like the idea of using a monthly subscription and charge. (open to alternatives)

I store the medal level for them in a field in my Mysql database.  (open to alternatives)

When the user performs a subscription via the button on my website, I need a valid return that the purchase occurred.

On subscription upsells, I'm okay with the default behaviour of Paypal increasing the charge for the next billing period and not charging right away.

I'm reading through all the help and it's overwhelming. I'm open to different coding languages etc and am usually a quick learn.


Thank you.

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