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Website Payments not working

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I have Wordpress and Woocommerce installed on my website, it uses the built in Paypal Payments Standard , we have had this on there for 4 years without any issues and for some reason we have not had any payments for the last 11 days. 


I tried to put through an order myself using paypal and this is the error that I got:


"Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later"


From our end we have not messed with the settings in the 4 years so I have no idea what's happening?





Website Payments not working


Hi I have been experiencing a similar problem in that when I send invoices from my PayPal account, people trying to pay to pay the invoice having been receiving an identical error message. This has been happening since Christmas.

I spoke to someone at PayPal last week (took forever to work my way through the call management system) and they did not want to acknowledge or investigate the problem. They simply said we only process the payments and it must be a problem with the Payee's card or bank.


Obviously other people are experiencing the same issue, so I think it is time that PayPal took ownership of the problem

Website Payments not working

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Hi, I'm having the same issue. Have you managed to resolve this?

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