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Website Payments Standard

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Hi everybody!


Just created my first buttons today. 


First went to Website Payments Standard and created "Pay now" button, the price was in Euros.


The problem was that no quantity can be selected, and also in Google Chrome web browser Euros do not display so it is not clear which currency we are talking about on Pay Now.


Worst yet, when I tried to test the button, I first log out of PayPal account, click on "Pay now" button, and it takes me to the page where there is no option to choose quantity, second, there is no way to pay without loging in or creating PayPal account! And that is contrary to the the message on Website Payments Standard page: "Buyers don't even need a PayPal account".


How come buyers do not even need a PayPal account, if the page after you click on "Pay now" button gives you no choice but you must log in or create PayPal acount!?



The same story with "Add to cart" button, the only difference is that it is possible to choose quantity.



Please help with advice how to fix this problem, I need to have buyers to be able to really pay with no PayPal account, so they can smoothly and fast.



Thank you!


Website Payments Standard

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Did you enable Track Inventory in Step 2 drop down menu? And qty's can be adjusted when clicking ADD TO CART button and it shows the Shopping Cart page.


Did you select your Currency in the button options?


Also enable PayPal Account Optional in your Seller Settings > Website Preferences



Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Website Payments Standard


i am using my paypal with shopify website,,,yes i did all card and currency...but same website

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