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Website Payment Preferences

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I have successfully implemented PayPal payments on my website. I made a purchase and it works, but I have Not been able to have the customer returned back to my site after purchase?

On the Website Payment Preferences page where it talks about Return URL, it does Not give me a place to past in a URL? And the Payment Data Transfer button Only gives me the option for it to be off. On will not highlight.

Am I on the right page? Any suggestions on what to do?





Website Payment Preferences

New Community Member

Hi Kurt

I have been through this as part of setting-up a new account and it worked for me ok.

I wonder if you are experiencing a sequencing issue between 'Auto Return' and 'Payment Data Transfer' entry?

Turn OFF both options.

Turn ON Auto Return - you should then be given a dropdown to enter your url.

Enter your url - it must begin with http:// or https:// i think; and then SAVE it. 

After you have saved your url you can then turn ON 'Payment data Transfer'.


This worked ok for me.  I am using Web Payments Standard - and using it from UK residency.

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