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Upper limit to payments?

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Upper limit to payments?

I'm having a HTML Paypal Button doing weird things.


It's on a site for Art buyers, and so the range of prices is pretty wild. There are 500$ artpieces to 4000$ art pieces.


When I try to buy the 500$ art piece, everything goes through no problem. But when I try to buy one at 2000$, I get a generic error message.


Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase at this time
Please return to the merchant and choose another way to pay.
Now I know it's not a failure of my form. It's the same form that is loaded every time; there's just the amount_1, item_name_1 and item_number_1 fields that change.
So it makes me think it's something with the price.  Is there an upper limit to transactions in Sandbox mode? or is there an upper limit for Paypal HTML Buttons? I searched, and couldn't seem to find a straight answer to that.
Here is a quick example of my problem.
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Re: Upper limit to payments?

Just tried your test code - both choices did work.   When testing code, browser stored cookies and temp files can sometimes cause unexpected results - try deleting your browser's cookies, temp files, history, cache, etc., then close the browser, reopen it and retry your code.