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Unable to process payments with Credit/Debit Cards without paypal account

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Hello everyone, 

I have paypal link to my store and currently, its my only payment processor.

Paypal normally would give option for my customers to pay with paypal account or just use credit/debit card, but now it's little sketchy.


After running VPN for USA, I was given to checkout with Credit card but I had to insert all the info again to be able to process payment, you have to fill everything eventhough you don't want Paypal account in first place.

1st Question : Could I give this option to my customers before redictering to paypal and don't force them to fill every information again?


I did VPN for London UK, I wasn't given an option to pay with card at all. 

I know what guest checkout is, I have it enabled but somehow, not everyone is given a chance to use Credit card since a lot of my checkouts were abbandoned.

2nd Question : Is it something I can get fixed or I just have to get another credit card processor? Simpler the payment process, more the conversions for purchase so my goal is "simplicity".


Thanks in advance for future responses.

Sincerely Adam.


Unable to process payments with Credit/Debit Cards without paypal account


Hi @Adkesiak,


Regarding the first question- why do you have a form on your site to have customer's fill out their credit card info if PayPal is going to process the payment via guest checkout? If you are integrated with a third-party shopping cart, this may be how their checkout flow is handled. My recommendation is to skip that step/page (if possible) and direct the customer to the PayPal hosted checkout page directly in order to complete their payment. This would prevent them from having to duplicate their efforts entering their information. 


For the second issue, this could be for a number of reasons as well. PayPal is liable to conform to each country/sector's banking regulations which inherently will change checkout flows. In turn, if PayPal recognizes that an attempted payment is from a specific region, it may require that the region only has checkout capability as a registered user and not as a guest through PayPal. Much of this is to ensure PayPal can legitimately verify the identity of the buyer. There could be other reasons as well, and not ruling out a bug, I would urge you to submit that query directly at so an Engineer can further investigate and validate the specific reason with you. 





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