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Unable to process PayPal refund on Shopify - correct business paypal account connected

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Hey guys, 


I'm in a pickle and i have no idea what to do. Context: I set up my paypal express check out on my shopify store but have not been able to claim the money. I tried to refund the order and was told i can't refund as i dont have permission, but now the product is no longer in the order but the refund hasn't been processed either. Other than asking the customer to open a dispute to get her refund and then to repurchase the item - which I really want to avoid, is there anything I can do?


I can confirm that the email address is the correct email address connected to my paypal account.

I can confirm my paypal is a business account. 


It's been 5 days since the sale. I reached out to paypal support, reading between the lines, they seemed to suggest that the email address that the funds have been sent to is not the correct one as they have urged me to check all the emails I have connected to paypal and unless I can confirm the right email they can't help me. But I don't have any other paypal accounts. I've deactivated paypal and reset paypal but still not appearing. Now I can't refund the item in my store. I don't know where to go now, is this a paypal or shopify issue now? or is it both? any idea what I can do?


I might note that i have a second shopify store that is also attached to this paypal account, that store has not yet had any paypal payments. I'm not sure if that is causing any errors. 


thanks for any help from the community! 

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