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Unable to integrate Paypal into payment method

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Hi everyone!


I've recently set my own shop on Etsy to sell handmade jewelry. Since I am from India, I only have two payment methods available to offer to my customers: Paypal and "Other". Since Paypal is a widely accepted method across countries, I was hoping to make it a seamless experience for my customers rather than having to reach out to me separately to make the payment. I have completed my account verification (both identity and bank) with Paypal and yet I am thrown an error everytime someone tries to purchase on Etsy. The error message shown is as below:


"We’re sorry. This seller doesn’t accept payments in your currency. Please return to the seller and choose another way to pay."


I have made all currencies acceptable. Is there something I am missing out on in terms of creating my profile on Paypal in the first place? Appreciate your help!


Unable to integrate Paypal into payment method


Madam if you were able to solve your issue on your end .

Can you kindly guide with the same .

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