Unable to execute payment with app credentials

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Hi All,
I am using Paypal express checkout in my web application. All works well when I am using test credentials provided by REST SDK of Python
Test Credentials from https://github.com/paypal/PayPal-Python-SDK
EBWKjlELKMYqRNQ6sYvFo64FtaRLRR5BdHEESmha49TM (Client ID) and EO422dn3gQLgDbuwqTjzrFgFtaRLRR5BdHEESmha49TM (Secret). 


But when I am using my credentials for seller sandbox account, Payment is created but it's not executing and giving me error like this. (See attached screenshot).


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Hi, in this case contact the PayPal Customer Service as the payment looks fine. This error is also returned when the credentials used are linked to an account that might be unavailable at the moment. Try with teh credentials from a different live account or contact Customer Service that will be able to check this for you.

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