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Unable to be paid from Russia

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We have the Spanish paypal account set up on our website using Paypal Checkout Experience.

The payment form works fine, so when I make a payment to test, I'm able to pay with my Spanish credit card (without creating a paypal account or logging in), or with any of my existing personal paypal accounts. So it's just as always and the same as I've been paying on many websites.

But when we try to pay using Russian credit card, we have the following message:

"We're not currently set up for transactions in Russia. Try again"
So the only option left for a user from Russia to pay me is to create a paypal account, which is not acceptable for me 'cause many clients won't just do it and would like to pay with a card.


In the same time - no limitations with the card nor the bank, we can pay using the same card on other websites using the same paypal API. Please help!

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