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US Address with Zip Code Suffix

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I live on a small barrier island and we do not have mail boxes. We pick up letters and parcel at a US Post Office on the the island. The office requires that we add a postal suffix to our zip code when shipping an item to our address, The office will hold our parcel if the suffix is on the address but will "return to sender" if the suffix is not present. However, letters without the suffix will be placed in our box based on our street address and zip code. I want to purchase online with PayPal but it seems that either the Merchant or PayPal systems will remove the suffix in the ordering process causing my order to never arrive. I recently conducted two tests with a merchant, purchase (Amex)  shipped and received with success while purchase two (PayPal) did not. Both transactions started on the merchants site with the postal suffix #####-0000 on the delivery address and both were shipped USPS (other major carriers have no issues with suffix present or not). Trying to resolve the issue (having merchant resend items) they said PayPal was ultimately determining the shipping address thus "no suffix".  Is this true? I do not know, and is it my issue to resolve? I did attempt to add my postal suffix on my Card addresses in my PayPal "Wallet" with no success. So I do not have a defense against the merchant and must purchase without using PayPal. I really want to use PayPal online for the extra security. Can PayPal start accepting a zip code suffix Wallet addresses?

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