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(URGENT Help needed ) Paypal refund problem - (Paypal Failure)

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Respected Sir/Madam,
I had made a recent payment to Mindfactory on 9th May (Transaction ID 65S11789SV3784401) of 775.38 euro. The order was canceled and the refund was sent back on 11th May by Mindfactory with (Transaction ID 49228223LW336182X).
This refund money got subtracted from the initial payment and my account balance was set to Zero currently.
But today PayPal charged me 775.38 euros in my Commerzbank. If needed I can provide my Commerzbank receipt. Paypal needs to refund my money for it or add back 775.38 euros to my Paypal account.
Thank you.

Kind regards,
Shreyas Dhone

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