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I've heared some contradicting reports concerning Transferwise integration. One PayPal user said he was declined. The other managed to connect PayPal with Transferwise on the second try after calling the support.

I'm not sure how to help convince the staff I need it besides saying that I need that integration. Does anyone have experience with that? Please let me know!



Re: Transferwise

I have been trying to link for over three months and have not found the way to do it.

I found videos on YouTube reporting it working, by users in Romania, Indonesia, Spain and elsewhere. But not for every Paypal user.

TransferWise Support has replied that they have received problem reports from account holders caused by opposition or denial by Paypal.


The conditions that Paypal uses are unclear. It is clear that Paypal creates many obstacles to maintain their currency conversion fees maximum.


After having been directed and advised by the dutch Paypal customer service to open another account in the UK I did so. So now I have a UK based Paypal account, with a default GBP currency, registered at the address given to me by TransferWise. From previous contact with customer service in the UK I received various disgusting answers suggesting that TransferWise is a "bad bank", or my Paypal account on temporary limited and would be unlocked after 72 hours (multiple times but NO CHANGE). But whatever I try to create a link to the TW bank account, I only see error messages on my screen.

Paypal's online support does not answer the problem reports, simply discards all messages to them, and are unreachable by phone. I still want to create the link and hope to some sort of route on HOW TO DO THIS in this forum ....