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Things don't appear to be working at the moment.

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Hi - I have another site that's started getting this generic error message, seemingly from nowhere without any changes to my site. I've read through all the other similarly-titled posts and none of those seem to have a solution that has worked for me.


The specific problem is this; if I add an item to my shopping cart, the first one goes in fine. If I then hit 'continue shopping' and add a second item (the same item again or a different one, it doesn't seem to matter) then I end up on the error page. However, if I wait for a while (10-15 minutes I guess, I haven't been able to time it accurately) then I can successfully add a second item to the cart. When I get the error, the page goes through the URL "" first for a few seconds before landing in "".


I've used Chrome's DevTools to check the form data from the button - it all looks to be OK, no stray currency symbols or extraneous spaces that I can see, and as I mentioned this is code that's been working fine for years before going down over the last weekend. 


My website is; if anyone is good enough to want to try it out, you'll need to select a shipping destination first on this page before the 'view cart' and 'add to cart' buttons are enabled :






Things don't appear to be working at the moment.

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I have a web app that's used a custom html subscription form for years without a hitch - it was working when I last checked it a few weeks ago.


Now, it doesn't work at all and gives me the "Things don't appear to be working" error. I literally haven't touched the code - it simply stopped working. There's no flags/problems with my account, I haven't updated any account information, I've tried sandbox, and been searching for over two hours...and finally thought I'd ask in here to see if something up or if the checkout form stuff changed.


I tried creating a new post and was told I could not.


Thanks for your help!

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