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Subscription Plan

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Hello everyone


So i have a wordpress website, which uses elements that i can then put the raw code in to place my paypal subscription buttons, 

In my plan i have 4 options, i have created the plan and copied and pasted the code given by paypal into my wordpress element, however what i have is an issue -

At the bottom, you will see the paypal button visible under the first plan - i have used the same method of placing the code for each plan - however only the first plan will display the button, 


tests i have done 

1 = i have moved the code from the first coloum to the 4th column (leaving plan 1 with no code ) and because i have plan 2 with the code placed this button then becomes visible and not the 4th which i moved to - so its defiantly something inside the code.


Can anyone help

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