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SmartButtons Checkout is not creating transactions in business test account

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On my website I have the call through SmartButtons for PayPal payment with Standard (Client-Side), the process seems to work correctly without errors, I receive the confirmation from the sandbox that the transaction was successful and the information in the javascript response looks fine, also, in the test personal account I can see all transactions correctly.


However, my business account does not have any payments completed or pending. I can see in the personal account that the transactions are "pending" to be credited to the business account, but the payments are processed as "immediate capture" so I don't know why they are pending.


The business account has been verified and the id is correct, also, the transaction in the personal account indicates the correct email of the test business account to transfer the money.


What could be failing in the call to not register the transactions in the business account?


Thank you.

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