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Shopify PayPal order status

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Hi, I am using PayPal Express Checkout with Shopify, it works fine but I have a question: when I ship an order I mark it as shipped within Shopify (which sends an email to the customer), but now I realize that if I go to my PayPal transactions history, it is not marked as shipped, if I mark it as shipped it will send again an email to the customer which I don't want (done with Shopify already), can I just leave all my transactions in PayPal as not shipped? Will it cause any problem like I would need to reimburse all my customers because PayPal would believe I have never shipped the items? Should I archive transactions or can I just leave them like that, unarchived and unshipped? To summarize, I would like to manage order status all in Shopify and not have to bother doing anything in PayPal except receiving payments. Besides if I could disable the automatic PayPal email sent to the customer it would be good as well as because of that, my customers see my personal email address whereas my company email is configured with the automatic Shopify emails. Thank you.

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