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Setting up a simple smart pay button is turning into a nightmare, help please...

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I have been working at this all day trying to get a simple smart pay button setup....


I am almost at a point where I can complete everything but the only problem is that is places all the funds on hold instead of immediately approving them. I have no idea how to tell it that these are not physical goods but digital goods. Also I have no idea how to approve all transactions at once or manage them with any form of efficiency...


I tried instead using a normal paypal button which works great for instant approval of the funds but there is no way for me to get confirmation information on the email address of the buyer and the order ID or have the button execute a callback to my page... this is all so frustrating...


Also, is there any way to add the OrderID to the receipt email? I see no options for customizing that aspect at all.


Thanks in advance... I can't believe how overly complicated something like this is and there seems to be very little relevant information that pops up in searches.



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