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Set expiration time in PayPal


Set expiration time in PayPal

 Hi All


I am integrating PayPal with our Java web application. I need to set an expiration time for the PayPal popup window. Let's say I want to expire transfer after 15 min.  I saw below link it but I need a way to expire the popup. Is there a way to do it while integrating PayPal button.


Best Regards



Integrate CSRF with PayPal

I have integrated CSRF with our java web application. After CSRF integration, It is not allowed to open PayPal popup window. I passed the CSRF token as a header parameter in the paypal.request post request. Even though it won't open the PayPal popup. 


Please provide me sample javascript code to integrated CSRF code with opening PayPal popup or provide me with a way to do it.


Thank you.