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Send payment, link card/account

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My bank acct and debit card have been confirmed. Why won’t it appear when I select payment method to send money? I have tried a thousand times over a period of a week and still nothing!?

Send payment, link card/account

PayPal Employee
We’re sorry for the inconvenience. And thank you for linking and confirming your funding sources. Usually it happen especially when you made some changes on your account. You just have to refresh your tool or resources, by logging in and out. Give our system at least 30 minutes to update and log in again. You can also try to open a new browser and try to log in from there, preferably Google chrome. You must received a verification email through the linked email on your PayPal account. You can also repeat the process if you can’t still see your bank/debit account. Thank you and keep safe always.

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