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Selling Multiple Digital Products Problem

New Community Member
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I sell multiple products...print and digital. Each digital product has its own unique downloading URL. I'm using the "Add To Cart" buttons. In STEP 3

(Customize Advance Features), there is a field labeled "take customers to this URL when they finish checkout." I put in a unique URL in that field for EACH Add To Cart button for each of our digital products. I was assured on the Pay Pal message board by three reps that Pay Pal would definitely provide our

customers with ALL of the URLs for the products they ordered at the end of checkout. HOWEVER, when I placed several test orders (both in Sandbox and live) for TWO or more digital products, Pay Pal is only providing ONE (the first) of the TWO download URLs. Because of this problem, our customers have no way to automatically get to those URLs to download their products. Please help.

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