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Saved Buttons page: every Action menu stuck open

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I need to update/replace some saved buttons but every time I access the Saved Buttons page every Action drop-down menu is immovably stuck open. Not possible to tell which action label goes to which button. I've tried logging out & clearing cache several times; same outcome regardless. Screenshot attached (looks fuzzy to me, but is clear in the screenshot on my end). A second problem is that a confirmation to delete appears every time I open the page -- without identifying the button at risk for deletion. While some buttons are now obsolete and are likely to be deleted soon, my objective right now is merely to edit several or even to create a few new ones.


Has anyone encountered this? If I can't fix it I'll have to try to find an alternative to PayPal, as this will not do.


A third and less-pressing question: why does the word "Legacy" come up on-screen in connection with my saved buttons? Are buttons being phased out?




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