Remove shipping billing address drop-down menu upon submitting credit/debit card payment on Paypal


hope all is well.

Although this may have been answered previously somehow, I am struggling to allow customers to proceed with payments without needing to input shipping and card billing address details. I have coded the website using Python with flask and HTML, I am also using PayPal as the payment system.

I have already tried implementing application_context:shipping_preference: 'NO_SHIPPING' under the createOrderfunction but upon payment, the dropdown menu is still coming asking the customer to input billing and shipping address.

Is there some kind of way where I can only have the user input the long card number, the expiry date and then CSC ONLY and proceed with payment for PayPal.

Please do let me know if there are easy out of the box solutions! I am kinda new to handling payments online on servers.


Here is the sample code that was provided by paypal to work with: 

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Billing fields are used for payment processing by PayPal, as they are necessary for communication with credit card companies for example. They are not returned to you or included as part of the transaction that you see. You cannot remove them.

Most websites that directly collect credit card information, also collect a billing address. It is relatively uncommon to process cards online without a billing address, especially in countries that use address verification (AVS) responses from credit card processors/issuers, since doing so without the billing address is less secure (no address verification can take place) and so more prone to fraud.

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