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Question regarding split funding and customized payment flow

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Hi everyone,


My name is Bryce and I'm trying to start a new company but I've had a lot of difficulty figuring out payment integration, I've talked with multiple different credit-card charging companies and payment integration companies but I haven't been able to find a solution.


My company is very simple. We connect small businesses to virtual freelancers. Through our website, companies can manage, pay and interact with their freelancers. These freelancers record their hours worked/timesheets into our website, that is housed in a database. 


We're looking for a payment system that can understand which freelancers and companies are connected. We would then like to have a program that can connect with the the hours worked/timesheets database and automatically charge the companies credit card the according amount of hours * hourly wages. We then would like to ensure that once the money is paid, 90% is provided to the independent contractor and 10% is provided to us. 


Does anybody have any advice, as to how I would go about this? Could I work with PayPal and then have a developer build this program? It would be ideal if there was already a turn-key solution out there but I can't find anything that exists like this. In addition to this, our developer is under contract work, which means we would like to have as much of this expedited as possible.


Thank you for your replies!

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