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Problem with the Paypal payment options!!!


Problem with the Paypal payment options!!!

Hello, I hope, I have posted this on the right spot.

We have recently started crafting our on-line store using Shopify and for our customer's payment solution we descided to go with Paypal. We are at the moment based in Greece and the pre-existing personal account was upgraded to a business one to allow the integration with shopify as per both paypal's and shopify's instructions. We followed (as far as I can tell) all of the instructions and setting but we run accross the following problems:

1 During the checkout, a customer only sees the paypal button and no other option

2 Even if we somehow inform the customers that after hiting the "Complete Order" button they will be given the option to choose a credit/debit card to pay, what follows next, is a new paypal window that gives two more options:

                    Option A: Pay with a Paypal account

                    Option B: Create an account 

Option A is self explenatory, but Option B actually allow the customer to pay using a credit card OR create an account!

Of course this is far from obvious and completely hidden. Going through numerous posts of others we realized that this specific window should actualy be something like this:

                    Option A: Pay with a Paypal account

                    Option B: Pay with Debit or Credit Card

Can someone please inform us what is going on and why the button says "Create an account" instead of "Pay with Debit or Credit Card"?

I am attaching two screenshots to explain the difference!screenshot correct payment button.jpgcorrectScreenshot_2019-05-17 Log in to your PayPal account.jpg




Re: Problem with the Paypal payment options!!!

Hi @kostasmi,


Thanks for reaching out and I'd be happy to help! It sounds like you might not have the correct checkout solution enabled through Shopify. Depending on the solution selected, merchants have the ability to require a PayPal account or that the customer create a PayPal account during the checkout process, which sounds exactly like the situation you've described. If you'd like to explore other options, including the ability to directly accept debit or credit card payments, I would recommend visiting our PayPal Developer site


Hope this helps!



Re: Problem with the Paypal payment options!!!

Hi @PayPal_Gwen ,


Thank you for taking the time to check on our problem and reply. Shopify in their "Payment Providers" page, had PayPal automatically enabled as our payment provider with the "Paypal Express Checkout" option. This could not be edited further through their settings. The setting reads as follows:


"Your store accepts PayPal payments with PayPal Express Checkout. A PayPal button will display during checkout. Manage your account from the PayPal dashboard. The PayPal account associated with: (our email) was used during activation."


Underneath there is an option to accept credit cards through another payment provider available in Greece (e.g. 2Checkout), but we don't see the reason to choose this, since paypal (as far as we can tell) handles customer's credit cards without a customer having to creating a paypal account.

As a note, paypal Pro is not supported in Greece, so this is not something we can use. Only PayPal Business is available.


Again, our problem is not that we do not have the ability to accept credit card payments but the button's text during the paypal payment process, that is confusing (as shown in the photos I attached in my previous post). Is there a way to change that text? If yes, do we need to add some sort of code?

Finally in the checkout settings on Shopify, there is nothing regarding the payment options/process but only information regarding the order itself.


We would greatly appreciate any further clarification/help.