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Price lower than payment

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Buying from company in UK and the total price is lower than the amount PayPal is attempting to pay. The price was lowered from cart to checkout and PayPal is not recognizing the price when I log into PayPal. PayPal is attempting to pay the exact amount shown by the “cart” before beginning the checkout process. Vapourcore in UK is only accepting PayPal payments from customers not in the UK or EU.

Price lower than payment


Hi 02Martin, the button on the merchant website calls PayPal to process the payment and is passing to PayPal specific variables like amount, discount, etc.. So PayPal processes what the website sends to process. Usually in the scenario you mentioned the button is passing a different value than the one on the website (plugin in error or simply the amount incorrectly calculated by the website). I would suggest to contact that website/merchant and point this out with them. In case they see this for all their items they can eventually contact the PayPal Technical support to understand better that behavior. Thanks.

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