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Please help me ASAP lost a lot of money!

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I recently opened a webstore with BigCartel expecting things to run flawlessly I send the site out to my customers, some respond with saying there card has been charged and the order was cancelled on the site. I tried this and without noticing how much I had in the checkout blasted £60 on the checkout and I didn't recieve the funds on my seller PayPal account, It says that I tried to pay and comes up "Refused" Same with all the other people who tried to buy, When I bought this I used paypal guest checkout. I also got sent a receipt to my email claiming the payment went through ok and it took the £60 from my account I really need to get my money back as I owe people money or I will be in serious trouble please someone help me please! PLEASE HELP PLEASE! I spoke to big cartel and they said nothing came up on their end and I was to contact paypal Please get my money back I need it

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