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Paypal renders differently in Chrome and Microsoft Edge

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We have a donate button on our (Squarespace) site that links to Paypal for donations.  This is what the paypal page looks like in Chrome:

AOH paypal.JPG


And this is how the Paypal page renders in Microsoft Edge.

AOH paypal IE.JPG


We want it to look like the Chrome page in all browsers (with the options for donation amounts).  I'm not super technical, but could someone help explain how I can get the page to look the same in all browsers.




Paypal renders differently in Chrome and Microsoft Edge

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It's a mystery - seen this question before - have not seen a solution to date - one work around I've seen is to manually code your Donation button.  This way you get the same PayPal Screen regardless of browser.   If the code is manually created (meaning it's not stored on the PayPal Servers in My Saved Buttons) you have a bit more control as to how you want it work - for example, you can create radio buttons for amounts and even include a text input box for any amount.

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