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Paypal "LACK_OF_BASIC_PARAMS" and other weird issue

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Hello --

I've installed the plugin Simple Membership (for wordpress) on my site.

When I setup my levels, and buttons, I am using paypal. I enter the paypal email address that i have, and tried to test one of my sign up buttons on the live page.


I click on it and it tries to load paypal, but instead gives an error that something isn't right, and the url in the nav bar shows /webapps/shoppingcart/error?flowlogging_id=b0ccf948463cc&code=LACK_OF_BASIC_PARAMS

I double check the settings-- everything is filled out, which is required, and correctly (I mean, there are only like 3 things to fill out). I also confirm it is not in sandbox mode.


 I then think, hmm, maybe it's a paypal issue and i should try stripe. I put my stripe api instead, where designated in the global settings. I create a new button, for stripe buy now mode. i place it on a page for testing, and view it on the front end. 


I click it, and now it DOES load up, showing the correct payment price, and a setting for me to proceed with payment.. only problem is, it's on PAYPAL.. not through stripe!


What is up with this thing.

The website and page where i have a test button is here


Appreciate any help!


Paypal "LACK_OF_BASIC_PARAMS" and other weird issue

PayPal Employee

Hi @cmuk723 

Thanks for using our community forum,


Apologies for the delay,


I have tried to reproduce the issue, but I am not able to. Were you able to get this sorted? If not, could you please provide the HTML code of your button?

Thanks and apologies, 

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