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Paypal dropdown button created with generator doesn't work

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Paypal dropdown button created with generator doesn't work.  Note, this isn't an old button, this is a new button generated by going to tools->all tools->paypals buttons, and picking a new 'buy now' button with a drop down price option.


Error  "Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later."  


I can find this page when googling the error.


So I've amended the country code to 2 letters from 3.  But it's still not working, and the support page only addresses problems a basic button and not a select/drop down with varying prices.   I tried changing the options to have just 20.00 50.00 etc  but it still doesn't work.


I understand this problem for old button installations that need updated, but this is a new button made by using the paypal button generator!


Paypal dropdown button created with generator doesn't work


We would need to see an example of the code - if you have it on a web page and want to share a link, perhaps you can get some help.   Note, you may have read that you cannot include any currency symbols or commas in the "amount" value.   Also, if you're trying to pass a " for inches or ' for feet in any of the option variables, that can cause a problem.   Currency codes can be an issue too - USD for dollar works but, just US won't.   Bottom line we need to take a peak at the code for some ideas.

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