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Paypal button

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I am new to paypal, I have a business paypal account i added a button into my website then created a sandbox app then added the clientID into my button code.

but now when i choose to pay it gives me payment completed but nothing withdraw-ed from my card and nothing added to my paypal account.

What is the problem i did the same steps before and it worked. 


Paypal button

PayPal Employee

Hi @travelhours,


Thank you for contacting PayPal community.


Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.


If you have processed the payment in sandbox test mode, please login to your sandbox business account via to view the transaction details.


I request to please create REST App in "Live" environment and use the Live REST APi credentials ( Client ID & Secret key) while creating smart button.


Use the new Smart button code on your website and process a test payment via card which is not linked to your PayPal account.


Thank you for understanding and patience. 



PayPal, Inc.

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Paypal button


Thank you so much it works

May  ask you another question, How can i transfer money to my visa?

is that possible or it's only to bank account?

And can i transfer this money every time someone pay or i should wait to the end of the month?

Sorry for all this question but i need to understand how does paypal work?

Thanks in advance for your time 😚

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