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Paypal blocking tranfer to credit card

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need some help as we are new,


We have added our credit card details on Paypal and have transfer a small amount of EURO from our Paypal account to our Credit Card in Mauritius.

Everything was working good, afrer few working days we verified also by our bank and paypal our credit card and all good.

Now am trying to transfer the same amount of money and it does not work anymore. I have send 4 email to Paypal and received only one response from a generated message which is:


"Hello Olivier .....,

Thanks for taking the time emailing us.

Your withdrawal attempt to the value of Rs .......MUR to your bank/card ending in xxxx on April 20, 2020 was blocked by our security system. 

All transaction made through our system are reviewed to determine the action that needs to be taken. A large number of factors are taken into consideration when making this decision, including, but not limited to, your account status, the source of the funds, the amount of the transaction, the original source of the funds and even potentially the user's account status. For this transaction, as it was determined that there may be a higher than normal level of risk associated with it, the transfer was declined. Please understand that keeping the PayPal environment secure is our utmost concern so we try to identify patterns that don't match your usual activity. Many banks and credit card companies work this way too. 

While I certainly understand your frustration, our anti-fraud practices and transaction reviews are meant to protect all customers, sometimes they affect an account in good standing such as yours. 

I can assure you though, that this block is not permanent and that the purpose of this action was not to inconvenience you in any way, it is to maintain the security of the PayPal System. Alternately, you may want to refund the money and make an arrangement with the sender to send you the payment outside of PayPal.

Thank you for contacting PayPal. If you require any further assistance, click Help & Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page to get started. If you contact us by email, we may try to reach you by phone for a better service.



WHy is it blocked i cannot understand as my card has been verified. I have ask for a call back and have till today no answer. I have ask them to contact me if they need ID or proof of information and till today no answer. 

Has anyone had the same issues? It's not normal that i cannot withdraw my own capital?


Please any advise would be apreciate,

Thank you,




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