Paypal and Shopify base currency issue


I an struggling with Payment gateways issue including Paypal and Razorpay because of the default base currency issue.

Is there any way you can help me. I need your urgent help. Please let me know.


My Store:

I have a store recently setup in shopify.

I tried using Paypal, Razorpay but both are thowing error becuase of different base currency i.e. USD set in my shopify store.

I tried same with INR base and it worked fine. I am targetting USA customers thus INR is not a good option and shopify checkout option always shows amounts in base currency at checkout page even if you have Currency conversion enabled theme.

Below are the option i have already tried with Paypal especially.

I tried placing a test order using Paypal as a guest
Tried using another device with another card having different name
any of the above didn't work,
And when i changed my store's base currency to INR, both payment gateways especially Paypal started working.
(I have two currencies available in Paypal USD as primary and INR)

I have spend my wholeday in researching this issue but can't find any fix. Paypal will probably respong in another 24 hours which will be very late.

So how to deal with this situation where we can have base currency in USD and still can work with payment gateways like Paypal. Please help.


can anyone outside India, test my paypal integration at checkout page if it is working or not? 

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