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Paypal / Wix / Quickbooks Integration

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I'm a designer (who's new to this) who's working for a client on the Wix platform. They have a youth choir which parents need to register their children for every year. They also use Quickbooks as their accounting software, and in the past have had an issue with their Paypal and Quickbook integrations failing because of the lack of a static datapoint.


Ex. Josh Smith might sign up his daughter Alice for the choir. Alice is a step daughter, so her name, email, phone number, etc. are all different than the father's. The payment goes through, and Quickbooks doesn't know how to connect the Father's payment and signup info to Alice's name in their system, so it becomes essentially a data dump. Josh Smith paid X amount, and Alice is in Quickbooks, but it can't connect them if he pays through paypal - because paypal isn't grabbing the fields from Wix that it needs to be grabbing (because I don't know how to set them up). It's only integrating the fields automatically populating through Paypal.


If anyone has any clue what I'm talking about, I would appreciate the assistance of how I can force ALL form fields to be registered by paypal, so that they're registered in Quickbooks. Or at least a gentle shove in the right direction to where I should be looking


Paypal / Wix / Quickbooks Integration


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