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Paypal Pay In 3 Cart/Checkout Button Installation

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We are trying to add Paypal Pay in 3 to our UK Shopify Store.


We already have Paypal setting through the Shopify express checkout integration.  However when we add in the recommended code to add Pay in 3 to our cart page we get a list of buttons that does not contain Pay in 3 as an options (see image)


Main questions are

1 ) Has anyone successfully added Paypal Pay in 3 button to cart or checkout pages?

2)  Why it is not an option in the list of buttons from the code / How do we get the button to show? 

3)  Can we get it to appear as an option in a shopify checkout so its selectable?


The below image illustrate what we were trying to achieve on the Cart page and how the button appeared. I understand we can alter appearance and hide buttons, but why is there no Pay in 3 Option at all?


Paypal Pay in 3.png



Paypal Pay In 3 Cart/Checkout Button Installation




Sorry to hear of the trouble. 


Have you reached out to PayPal to enable Pay in 3 on your PayPal account? 


I hope this information helps!


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