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Paypal Express Check out | Shopify - Payment via Cards

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I am new to Shopify and PayPal. I have a PayPal merchant account with Paypal. I have integrated it with the Shopify express check out to receive payments to my website. Thought it says integration is successfully completed - I tried buying one product by myself. I found that till the point I was there in the flow of Shopify - things were working fine. As I moved into  the flow of Paypal for payment I am facing issues - see the details of what I have done and issue:

1. I selected to pay by Debit & Credit Card on Paypal Checkout
2. Next window asked me for a couple of information (payment information, billing information, etc) which are very obvious that I have entered correctly.
3. Clicked on Pay now - Now the problem begins
4. After loading for 5-10 seconds all the text boxes that I have filled in step number 2 are cleared (no text now). And nothing happens.
5. I am not sure what is happening here as there is no error message as well.

Please see the screenshot below for more details

Image of empty cells that came after I clicked Pay Now!Image of empty cells that came after I clicked Pay Now!


I have also copied the URL for your investigation - check below and help what has happened

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