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Paypal Commerce Platform Partnership Issue

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I have two questions


1. I have created partner app in my and already applied for Paypal Partnership(US) but I dont see Live Partner App in my account neither I am able to create Manually as its giving an error, I have tried Paypal customer care multiple times but they are unable to reply on support case or call, its really frustrating, what should I do to become paypal partner? 


2. We are a platform, onboarding sellers to sell their services using our platform, we dont charge commissions, we only charge platform subscription fees which is separately paid by seller. Currently we have Stripe payment gateway integration, hence we are adding paypal as one of the payment gateway providers and facing troubles in becoming Paypal commerce partner as seen above. Is there any other way we can integrate with paypal and accept payments on behalf of sellers and transfer money to their paypal account?


Paypal Commerce Platform Partnership Issue


I am also having this problem. I have talked to 10 people and waited on hold for numerous hours. Tried the web messaging support as well. No one at PayPal knows what this is and they all are super eager to transfer you to another department that they claim can 100% help you with the issue. Astonishing. 


How the heck do you get approved for a live marketplace app!!!!!!!!!!????????????

Paypal Commerce Platform Partnership Issue

New Community Member

Hi all,

I'm facing the same issue .
if anyone able to produced ,please provide solution .

Paypal Commerce Platform Partnership Issue


@nishant56 @pujashah @shanepeypel 

did any of you find a solution to this?  we're in the same boat — our app in built but stuck in sandbox and we can't get anyone to respond to us.

i must have filled in the partner application form 50 times or more by now.

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