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Payments from Firefox not showing in Activity or Balance

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I recently created an online shop using squarespace and am using PayPal to handle payments. I'm having issues receiving payments from orders placed via a PC, the orders process fine from squarespace, but the funds do not appear in my PayPal balance or in my activity list. Orders placed from mobile devices work fine.


I can access the Paypal Transaction Details for all orders via the Squarespace Order log, so they are making it into the PayPal system but not showing up otherwise. The only difference I can note on the Transaction Details is that the PC orders are listed as "Payment Type: Checkout" where as the mobile orders are listed as "Payment Type: Mobile payment". The Payment Status is marked as Complete as well.


I have also noticed that I am not getting payment notification emails for these PC transactions, but they are deducting money from the customer's account (I have done some tests from my own personal account and the money has been deducted from my CC) so this money is off in limbo somewhere.


Has anyone run into this issue before or have any ideas what might be causing it?


EDIT: On further testing it appears to be related to Firefox, I tested Chrome and the payment came through fine. Is there any fix for this issue with Firefox?





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