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Payment by PayPal Login works but direct by debit/credit card doesn't

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The issue is quite weird. The PayPal integration is successful. The payment happen with proper flow when a user logs into PayPal and pays. But if one tries to pay by debit card without logging into PayPal, it shows a white screen.


I am trying to make payment using PayPal Guest Checkout, but it does not work on Live environment but Works fine on Sandbox Environment.
In the Live Environment, the user tries the guest checkout without login. The details are accepted from the user, after which the OTP from the bank is successfully received, When submitting the OTP for verification, the Website loads back to the PayPal URL & gets stuck at a white screen.
The Feature "Login with PayPal" works perfectly fine on both environments
Also, "PayPal Account Optional" feature turned to "On" for Accepting the Payments from Guests.
Front End Technology Used: ReactJS
NPM Package Used: react-paypal-button-v2

Code Part for PayPal Button:
//total - Total amount to be paid
//paypalID - Client Id from App
style={{ label: 'pay' }}
clientId: paypalID,
currency: 'USD'
onSuccess={(details, data) => {
//On Success Here
onError={(err) => {
//On Error Here
onCancel={(data) => {
//On Cancel Here
createOrder={(data, actions) => {
return actions.order.create({
purchase_units: [
amount: {
value: total.toFixed(2)
Require help at the earliest

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