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PayPal metadata definitions - Zoho Flow

New Community Member
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Hey guys,
Can someone please share the definitions that correspond with the following Metadata?

When I set up a connection in Zoho Flow (basically a Zapier Zap) i see the following items and dont know where to map them in my CRM.

Address city

Address country

Address country code

Address name

Address state

Address status

Address street

Address ZIP code

Business First name

IPN track ID

Last name

MC currency

MC fee

MC gross

Notify version

Payer email

Payer ID

Payer status

Payment date

Payment fee

Payment gross

Payment status

Payment type

Protection eligibility

RAW body

Receiver email

Receiver ID

Residence country

Test IPN

Transaction ID

Transaction subject

Transaction type


For instance is my business the "Receiver Email"? is my customer the "Payer Email"?

Thanks so much for any definitions you have.

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