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PayPal checkout prevents decimal quantity porducts?

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I am using Woo Commerce with PayPal Standard.

For inventory management all my products are bundles.

IE: 1 lb Uganda green coffee beans, 1 bag, 1 label are bundled as 1 product: Uganda Dark Roast

These work well with PayPal Standard.

I also have BLENDED products.

IE: 1 lb of Breakfast Blend Coffee is made up of .5 lb of Uganda coffee and .5 lb of Peru coffee, 1 bag and 1 label.


When a customer tries to pay for a Blended bundled product with PayPal Standard it will not complete the transaction, the ORDER STATUS stays PAYMENT PENDING in Woo Commerce, I do not receive any emails from PayPal saying I have received payment for the order, there is no reference to the order in the Activity section of my PayPal Account, and the funds the customer intended to send are not in my account.

This only happens when a sale has a Blended bundled product made up with decimal quantities.


If the customer selects a product that does not include decimal quantity products and chooses PayPal Standard the ORDER STATUS is correct as PROCESSING, and I receive the funds from PayPal.


Woo Commerce representatives have been trying to resolve this issue but have told me that PayPal checkout prevents decimal quantity by default and suggested I contact PayPal for an answer.


Consequently I have abandoned PayPal Standard as my primary payment method until this can be resolved.


Can you please advise?



Sandwich Coffee Roasters


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