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PayPal checkout not loading correctly on WordPress Site

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Hi there, my site uses a wordpress Plugin, GeoDirectory, plus a few other plugins by the same developer (GetPaid and UsersWP).

For some reason the site is not allowing paypal to load for taking payment of the directory listing. It WAS working fine, but now it's not. I've not changed any settings since the last time it worked.

The way the process works is:
a (therapist) user clicks the package they want. it redirects them to register on the site first.

they get an email with their login details confirmed, and further instructions.

they click the link from the email (or from the registration page, once it reloads) to login.

Upon logging in, they are taken to their Profile page, where there is a big button "add listing".

They can click the button and fill out their listing details for geodirectory.

After filling in the fields, they click to continue to payment, and paypal loads. This is where they should be able to finish sign up and start their free 30 day trial (again, i have done this a few times with success, in live mode).

However, I am getting this error:

"Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.
Return to Merchant"

I've already checked that the paypal settings are not blocking non encrypted sites.. our settings are following all the suggestions. I've also cleared my site cache, as well as personal browser, used an alternate browser, alternate device, and in private/incognito mode. Not working and I have no clue how to make it work again.

Any help is much appreciated!

The site is and you can test as a regular user -- it will not charge you anything, so you can just cancel the account(and i will make sure to delete it all as well).

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